Tournaments Rules

The Dagor Dagorath Website will discontinue on 31st July 2020 because of inactivity. Please use our Discord Server for future support.

    To participate and join our tournament, you have to respect some rules imperatively that are described below.

    The judge who manage the tournament must be respected, you have to listen and respect his information and order during the tournament. You have the respect the players, judge, admin, during the whole tournament. Any kind bad behavior, abuse, during the event you will definitely banned of the tournament.

    Tournaments rules

    1. Be 777 members to participate

    2. You can join the tournament as participant only if you registred on our tournament section

    3. Banned players can't join as spectator or participant

    4. You have to stay calm, polite, and watch tournament during the battle

    5. No shooting randomly

    6. No preshooting or shooting players

    7. No killing players

    8. Using gadget is not allowed

    9. You are not allowed to share server password to another player(s) without judge / admin approval

    10. Don't spam the chat during the tournament, the judge need the chat to organize, scoring during the whole tournament

    11. Cheat / Macro is not tolerate and result permban of our tournaments & community

    12. As wrote on rule number 2, you have to be 777 member, if you join just to participate at the tournament, to finally leave after, you will not accepted to join a new tournament.

    13. Stay calm, Watch the battle don't run and jump during the tournament

    14. You can join as spectator, as long that the rules below are respected

    15. When the tournament is definitly over, you are free to play on the server

    16. Respect the tournament scheduled hour, join the server 30 minutes before the tournament start

    Be aware about our rules, we don't let you any chance if the rules are violated.