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  • Unban request process

    1.Be sure to read all information on this topic, before you open your appeal offence request

    2.Without news from you after 1 week, your request will be closed

    Bellow, you can find the information needed to proceed to your unban request:

    Topic title: "your name - Server # number"

    Why are you banned: "Short description about your ban"

    Username: "Your Ingame charname"

    Server concerned: "The server number"

    Crime committed at: " Ban date"

    Banned by: "Ban by an admin if yes, who - Banned by Autoadmin

    Why should you be unbanned: "Why should you be unbanned"

    Please be sure that all information are correctly filled, the incomplete application will not be taken into consideration.

    Just copy/past the information below on your appeal offence, you can make a new topic in this section of the forums: Please login to see this link.

    Dont forget the topic title with the information mentionned above

    Why are you banned:


    Server concerned:

    Crime committed at:

    Banned by:

    Why should you be unbanned: