** Admin application how to proceed **

The Dagor Dagorath Website will discontinue on 31st July 2020 because of inactivity. Please use our Discord Server for future support.
  • Dagor Dagorath is growing everyday, for this we are looking for active admin involved in the development of our community, actually we have a lot of knife and defib servers and we need YOU to help and support our admins crew.

    You would like to join us like an admin? We are looking for active admins on our servers and our community.

    How to proceed, post directly your application (create a new topic) on the << Admin application >> forum following the information that you can find bellow.

    Admin information

    If you are interested in applying for an admin position please fill in the form below in order to request the application form. Once you receive the application form, we ask you to fill it in with valid information. Once we receive this back from you, it will be read and you will hear from us shortly.

    Important information: Be sure that you are not admin to another server before apply, we don't your application if you are admin on another competitor server using the same type of mode, concerning Knife/Defib/Sniper only.

    Important requirements before to apply

    1. Are an active player on the Dagor Dagorath everyday.

    2. Part of the platoon 777 members.

    3. Did not commit an offence against the rules on the server.

    4. Good communication in general with players and admins.

    5. Tolerant, friendly, open-minded, play for fun!

    6. Knowledge of RCON/PROCON commands.

    7. Contribute to the advancement of the community, bring your idea's and active contribution for the community and the future.

    8. Financial participation for renting servers if you can, or if not possible please give more time and help us to take the server up.

    9. Daily attendance on the server (~2 hours per day).

    10. Play regularly on the 777 Server and the server you are admin on.

    11. Start the server when it's empty, or following a crash.

    12. Manage and communicate server failure, upgrade > Players and admins.

    13. Have a mobile to communicate through Skype in our admins chat.

  • Below, you can find the information needed to proceed to your admin application.

    Please be sure that all information are correctly filled, the incomplete application will not be taken into consideration.

    You can make an admin application by copy/paste information below.

    Just copy/past the information below on your admin application and answer correctly:

    Personal information

    1. First name (IRL):

    2. Birthday date (DD/MM/YY):

    3. Where do you live:

    4. What is your e-mail address:

    5. What language(s) do you speak:

    6. Do you have Skype/Discord/Steam account:

    7: Please give us other information that you might is useful to know about you:

    8: Tell us about you? (Hobby, occupation, game played):

    9: Give us motivation and how you think you can help us.

    Game information

    10.What is your Battlefield charname:

    11.What server do you want to become admin on:

    12. Do you know any of our current platoon members:

    13. What is the main reason you want to become an admin:

    14. Are you admin of another server(s), if yes please give you the platoon link:

    15. How many hour(s) you can be online per day:

    16: Can you help with donation(s):