Battlefield 3 Knife Only - Knowledge Test 3

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  • Hi, I just created the third and the last quiz about knowledge of knife only for battlefield 3 game.

    As in previous quiz you probably know there are 15 questions and 4 answers for every question but only one is correct.

    Also now as previously, below you can find answers link.


  • 1. When somebody hits you in head at full health on the hardcore mode, what's your hp? (health points)

    a) 22%

    b) 33%

    c) 67%

    d) 50%

    2. Which camo is the most used by knifers?

    a) Dr. Pepper.

    b) Specact.

    c) Special Forces. (black camo)

    d) Default.

    3. Can you hit by knife when you jump?

    a) No.

    b) Yes but only when you hit before you jump.

    c) Yes.

    d) Yes but not always.

    4. Does by all ladders you can jump out?

    a) Only by the ladders in the water.

    b) Only by the ladders close to the water.

    c) Only by the ladders on the noshahr map.

    d) Yes of course.

    5. Who won the first CROW tournament?

    a) FGM-148_JAVELIN.

    b) Nukem9.

    c) Python197.

    d) DM1NATOR.

    6. If you buy premium then your bagnet kills disappear?

    a) Yes.

    b) Yes and kills don't go for ACB-90's kill.

    c) No, then it goes for ACB-90's kills.

    d) No, then you have two knives in weapons list.

    7. Which CROW tournament mode was the first?

    a) Knife and defib only.

    b) Cage 2v2.

    c) Defib only.

    d) Knife only.

    8. How many dogtags is in battlefield 3?

    a) 524.

    b) 525.

    c) 528.

    d) 526.

    9. Who actually the player has the most taken dogtags?

    a) voyer77.

    b) Acula-3.

    c) I-Jen-I.


    10. How fast can you hit by knife?

    a) 1 second.

    b) 2 seconds.

    c) around 0,5 second.

    d) 1,5 second.

    11. Can you revive and kill somebody by defibrillator without reloading?

    a) No.

    b) Yes but only if you switch buttons.

    c) Yes but defibrillator sometimes reload automatically.

    d) Yes, when you hold mouse button.

    12. Which country has the most used by CROW?

    a) Germany.

    b) France.

    c) Russia.

    d) United Kingdom.

    13. Does CROW has MoH servers?

    a) Yes.

    b) No and never had.

    c) No but had in the past.

    d) No but tested for a while and stopped care about this game.

    14. Can you penetrate by the walls?

    a) Of course not.

    b) Yes but only if you have high ping.

    c) Yes but only when you stab someone who is behind the walls.

    d) Yes but only when server lags as hell.

    15. How many groups is on CROW forum?

    a) 3.

    b) 4.

    c) 6.

    d) 5.

    Answers link: Please login to see this link.