Battlefield 3 Knife Only - Knowledge Test 2

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  • Hi, I just created the second quiz about knowledge of knife only for battlefield 3 game.

    As in previous quiz you probably know there are 15 questions and 4 answers for every question but only one is correct.

    Also now as previously, below you can find answers link.


  • 1. Who is the founder of CROW?

    a) Acula-3.

    b) Phobersus.

    c) W00dyR.

    d) CorvusCorax-CH.

    2. Who plays the longest in knife only mode in battlefield 3 game?

    a) JAVELlN.

    b) Rover75v6.

    c) Acula-3.


    3. When CROW was created?

    a) In 2011.

    b) In 2012.

    c) In 2014.

    d) In 2013.

    4. Who created the forum of CROW?

    a) Phobersus.

    b) W00dyR.

    c) CorvusCorax-CH.

    d) MT-RISE.

    5. How many actually tournaments has had CROW?

    a) 8.

    b) 10.

    c) 9.

    d) 11.

    6. Which community of knife in battlefield 3 game is the newest?

    a) CROW.

    b) KPRO. (Knife Pro)

    c) V.I.P.

    d) TPRO. (The Professionals)

    7. Does the ladder can disappear?

    a) Yes and the ladder disappear till the new round starts.

    b) Yes but only for a while.

    c) Yes but the ladder after that appear again.

    d) Of course not.

    8. What is when somebody jumps on someone who holds the ladder?

    a) Nothing, a person who jumped is falling.

    b) A person who holds the ladder dies.

    c) A person who jumped on someone who holds the ladder dies and he got a kill.

    d) They two die.

    9. How many platoons has actually CROW in battlefield 3 game?

    a) 12.

    b) 16.

    c) 15.

    d) 13.

    10. Which CROW platoon is the newest?

    a) =CROW= Servers [11].


    c) Official Admins Crew.

    d) =CROW= KNIFE ELITE [3].

    11. Since when knife only mode in battlefield 3 game exists?

    a) Since 2012.

    b) Since 2011.

    c) Since 2013.

    d) Since 2014.

    12. Which CROW platoon is the oldest?

    a) =CROW= KNIFE ELITE [1].

    b) Official Admins Crew.

    c) =CROW= [1].


    13. What is the main problem of knife only mode in battlefield 3 game?

    a) Bad balance.

    b) Cheaters.

    c) Spawnkilling.

    d) Shooters.

    14. Does the game has had once other knife animations?

    a) No, always same stab.

    b) Yes till the first patch of the game released.

    c) Yes in beta game version.

    d) Yes in pre-alpha game version.

    15. What value of tickets is the most popular to play knife only mode in battlefield 3 game?

    a) 200.

    b) 400.

    c) 450.

    d) 350.

    Answers link: Please login to see this link.