Battlefield 3 Knife Only - Knowledge Test

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  • Hi, I just created the first quiz about knowledge of knife only for battlefield 3 game.

    There are 15 questions and 4 answers for every question but only one is correct.

    Also, below you can find answers link.


  • 1. Which map is the most popular to playing knife only mode?

    a) Khark Island.

    b) Operation Metro.

    c) Noshahr Canals.

    d) Grand Bazaar.

    2. Is possible to kill one hit a player who has full hp (health points) by knife?

    a) No.

    b) Yes but only if you get headshot hit on hardcore mode.

    c) Yes.

    d) Yes but only on hardcore mode.

    3. How many hp (health points) takes a knife when you get headshot hit?

    a) 50.

    b) 66.

    c) 68.

    d) 67.

    4. When the new knife (ACB-90) came to the game?

    a) When the first dlc (b2k) came out.

    b) When the second dlc (cq) came out.

    c) When was the premium premiere.

    d) The knife was always in this game.

    5. Does the defibrillator give stars when you reach 100 kills?

    a) No.

    b) Yes.

    c) Yes, but only till you reach 10.000 kills.

    d) Yes, but this is bugged weapon and not always you can reach the stars.

    6. Which community of knife in battlefield 3 game is the most popular in the world?

    a) V.I.P.

    b) CROW.

    c) KPRO. (Knife Pro)

    d) TPRO. (The Professionals)

    7. What's the difference between ACB-90 and M9 Bayonet?

    a) The M9 is less bugged.

    b) The M9 is more bugged.

    c) The ACB takes more hp. (health points)

    d) Nothing, just aspect.

    8. Does the ladder can kill you?

    a) Of course not.

    b) Only if you jump on the player who is on the ladder but it is counted as player's kill.

    c) Yes, when you try to make epic ladder jump.

    d) No, the ladder can only takes your hp. (healt points)

    9. Who actually the player has the most M9 knife kills?

    a) Acula-3.

    b) JAVELlN.

    c) ATAMAN_ADA.


    10. Who actually the player has the most defibrillator kills?

    a) JAVELlN.

    b) MHTSM.

    c) Acula-3.

    d) vRape.

    11. Does the #9 server of CROW has had once allowed defibrillator to killing?

    a) No.

    b) Yes but only till 5 kills.

    c) No but the server doesn't punish/punished for using defibrillator to killing.

    d) Yes.

    12. How many servers of battlefield 3 game has actually the CROW with knife/defib mode?

    a) 5 servers.

    b) 2 servers.

    c) 3 servers.

    d) 4 servers.

    13. Does by using the defibrillator is possible to get assist kill?

    a) No, it's impossible.

    b) Yes.

    c) Yes but only if you kill a bugged player.

    d) Yes but only accidentally by using it to spawnkilling.

    14. Does the CROW has had once servers 64 slots to playing knife only in battlefield 3 game?

    a) No.

    b) Yes but now hasn't because the CROW prefers 32 slots to play this mode.

    c) Yes and the CROW still has these servers.

    d) Yes but only sometimes CROW has servers set 64 slots.

    15. Whether knife and defibrillator kills are always counted?

    a) Yes, always.

    b) No, sometimes the server forgots to count some kills.

    c) If you get no exp for defib kills then you get no kills added to your game report.

    d) If you get no exp for knife/defib kills then you get no kills added to your game report.

    Answers link: Please login to see this link.