Tournaments Introduction

The Dagor Dagorath Website will discontinue on 31st July 2020 because of inactivity. Please use our Discord Server for future support.


    Dagor Dagorath organises tournaments on a regular basis. The tournaments are organised within the 777 community and are generally considered to be very fun! Different rules apply every time to have a variety of different tournaments (like knife or defib only). Tournaments take place on the tournament server which will be open for players when the tournaments take place.

    In order to take place in a tournament, you must first of all be a member of one of the 777 platoons. Secondly, every tournament's date will be set depending on the results of tournament topic, which will be linked to when the tournament get organised. On here you can apply by entering your Battlefield username and submitting the times you are available.

    Only one requirment is needed, you must be 777 members platoon.

    All information about tournament organization will be centralized on this forum