Server Rules

The Dagor Dagorath Website will discontinue on 31st July 2020 because of inactivity. Please use our Discord Server for future support.

    Server RULES are listed below, be sure to read carefully before to start playing!

    Be aware that the rules violation will conduct in a permban

    ---- RULES ----

    1. Any kind of glitchs are not allowed
    2. Macro is not allowed
    3. Preshooting is not allowed
    4. Corner camping is not allowed
    5. Spawn killing [SK] [Knife & Defib] limitation is managed by autoadmin, abuse is not tolerate
    6. Using explosives, gadgets, mortar, weapons are not allowed
    7. No medkit throwing on corpses
    8. You are not allowed to spam vote command
    9. Abusive language & bad behavior strongly to avoid
    10. English is official language on our servers

    ---- Balance RULES ----

    11. K/D Whore and farming kills are not tolerate & result on a permban
    12. Balance must be 50/50 good players on each teams
    13. Tickrate mustn't exceed 20%
    13. Unbalanced round will result on a round restart
    14. You are a big boy, then move yourself to help the weaker team